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  1. Want the latest information on pirates and those in the Anti-Piracy industry that still commit piracy?
    Registration is free with no need for donation and open to content owners and Anti-Piracy workers alike, send an email to NukePiracy from your company email with your chosen username and we'll make an instant decision! all logins are randomly generated and can be changed once logged in.
  2. The Deflection King Part 2 has been released! Information exposing AdultKing as a child porn distributor! and more ties to piracy! Read more.
  3. Captain Kawaii's FTT Entertainment Organizer ID'd as TPD MPO R. Barnwell, Read more.
  4. Updated: Exposing AdultKing as a pirate gets NukePiracy banned from! Read more. - AntiPiracy Discussions, News, Techniques, and Information